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Saturday, March 24, 2012

I think that we can agree that clothing is generally better than none. It protects us from the elements, other people, blah, blah, etc. Some of us love clothing; some of us don't care; some of us love it, but wonder if we really should care at all. My answer is yes. Yes we should care; and here's why:

I used to worry that if I were to start dressing with more care then others would see me as the kind of person who cares about what other people think. "Guess what:" said the voice inside my head whom I've named Steve, "choosing to not dress in a certain way for fear that other people will think that you fear what they think of you is exactly that: caring about what other people think about you. Get over it, and put on those wing-tips."

People will think something of me regardless, and, to an extent, I can help shape in their mind what they think of me. Manipulative? Nope. It's just taking PR into your own hands. Not only can it help shape how others see you, but how you see yourself.

It doesn't mean that you have to buy expensive clothing or read Vogue. It means that you make the conscious decision of what message you're going to send to others and to yourself.

I don't have to wear a dress shirt and blazer to work, but it makes me feel a little more distinguished, a little more confident, and a little more capable. Oh, no! What if other people notice? Good. What if someone someone compliments you? Grand. What if someone asks why you're dressed up? Tell them that you knew that you'd see them and that you wanted to dress for the occasion. Instead of putting on nicer clothes just for that date where you want to impress, dress to impress everyday, because you never know whose attention you'll want to grab when you go out.

I'll shut up now, but, seriously: since we have to wear clothes, and since others will form opinions of us anyway, we might as well put our best foot forward and help them see the intelligent, confident, and capable person hidden somewhere in there.

Note the difference.

As Joey Ramone said: "Hey! Ho! Let's go!"
Wear it well,


  1. I do not believe I have ever seen you in sneakers before.

  2. Yeah, they're comfortable, but I have a hard time wearing them anytime I'm not running. That said, you'll probably never see this again; I'm sorry if you love this look on me.

  3. Yes. I need a bigger pocketbook so Paris can rub off on me with a little more success. But I agree 100%, thanks for putting this idea into words.


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