$1 birthday shoes

Sunday, September 16, 2012

You know what I dislike about most coupons?  That little line where it says in tiny print:

may not be combined with other offers

Or the one that says:

excludes sale and clearance items

Well, a few weeks ago I got two coupons from DSW; one was for $5 off any purchase and the other was for $10 off any purchase.  The best part about them? You can combine their values AND use them on clearance items.  So, $15 off is pretty good, right? Well, $15 off is stupendous when you're dealing with the DSW clearance inventory (as is evidenced by my happy finds seen here and here).

So, here's what I did:  Since I've had boots on the mind of late, I decided to go with a pair that started at $140, which was then marked down to $80 once it went on sale, but was marked down a second time to $16 because of a slight tear on the inner lining (which Landen was able to fix because she's awesome).

Math:       $16
             -  $15
            =  $1


Home run, DSW. Home run.


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  1. Awesome deal! Thank goodness for Landen and her superb sewing skills. I love a good steal like that.


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