the best and worst of fall (part i)

Monday, September 17, 2012

So, in most places Fall is coming.  Even here in Texas we've seen some cooler temperatures lately, which are, frankly, quite welcome.  When I was a wee pup, my favorite things about Fall included playing in the leaves, my birthday, and early anticipation for Christmas.  Now that I have matured considerably and grown out of my childish ways, my favorite things include day dreams of playing in the leaves, my birthday, and early anticipation for Christmas.  Oh, yes; and one more thing: Fall fashion.

Now, if I weren't busy at school all day reading all about stuff that perhaps < 0.001% of the population cares about, I would follow the fashion shows a little more closely; but, hey, sometimes I just can't help but study syllable structure and noun declensions all day.  However, I have poked around a little, and this is some of the best and worst of what I've found from top (i.e. Gucci, D&G, Boss) to bottom (i.e. Zara, H&M, Uniqlo) of this Fall's offerings.


I'm not crazy about the bag, but I like the leather jacket here.  To me it is somewhat reminiscent of an Indiana Jones look: rugged and adventuresome.  

 I found a number of looks in Gucci's line to be rather sleazy.  This one to me just screams cheap champagne, rotating circular beds with zebra print sheets, and a fake French accent.  I apologize if this look does it for you; I just couldn't take it seriously.

I just can't decide on how I feel about this last one.  I normally have a fairly healthy appreciation for military inspired looks, but this one just falls short for some reason.  Maybe without the black sweater on underneath it; that might better define the lines of the jacket.  I put it here because it looks a fair about like a look from Zara...

 This one reminds me a lot of that last look from Gucci.  The title comes to mind "Urban Sea Captain."

 This one reminds me of that second Gucci look that I didn't like.  However, this one doesn't distress me as much; I think that it's because of the trousers: they look a little more like something you'd wear on the street, and not something that one slips into to get a little more comfortable.

 I like this jacket.  The shoes are pretty cool too.  I'm ok with the stripe, but the overall cut of the jeans looks a little too girly for me.  Cool scarf though.

 Lots of brown tones in D&Gs Moda line.  I like the corduroy jackets here.  I feel that corduroy can have a rugged yet classy look to  it.   The overall monochromatic look makes for a nice effect.

Those pants are subtly bold and right awesome.   This whole look is pretty excellent because it's a fairly retro look that works just as well on younger guys as it does on that classy retired gent you see shuffling down the street downtown.

I'm not usually one to go for fur, but this whole look is spot on.  I can only assume that this man is a baron of something.  That scarf is a nice touch; the way that it's casually draped, and not tied, pushes the look from formal to borderline elegant (in a manly sort of way).  

I feel that I've reached my length limit for one post.  I'll do the other half this next weekend.  As for this half, I've got to say that Gucci takes the cake.  I highly recommend that you check out both their Sartoria and Moda lines for men; I can't afford a thing from them, but I've already seen a few things that I'd like to recreate from my own closet and other sources on the cheap.
Until next time.

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