Sisters Share it All: Favorite Clothing Item

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

And we are back with the Sisters Share it All!  This time, Merrick's choice was picking a current favorite and few ways to outfit it!

This top has possibly been my favorite purchase of the summer.  Not because it is the absolute cutest thing that I have bought, but Texas has been very hot in the summer, and although I love layering, that is almost impossible this time of year.  This shirt has been my go to because it is easy to layer over, and also to wear plain.  Here a few ways that I dressed it up and dressed it down!  

This is the most dressy outfit that I put together (you can't go really dressy with a shirt like this).  This is something that you could throw on for a wedding reception or a medium dressy date.  Slightly frilly and kind of fun, but still summery.  
shirt: Old Navy; skirt: Downeast Outfitters; shoes: Nordstrom; necklace: Francesca's (I have several necklaces from here and I love them all!)

A striped shirt like this is easy to pair with a fun statement necklace like this colorful bauble necklace.

 Here is the shirt as a part of a more hip look!  I wanted to pair it for something you could wear on a casual date or to a laid-back party.  
shirt: Old Navy; jacket: Anthropologie; jeans: Kohl's; shoes: Urban Outfitters; necklace: Claire's

A casual and comfortable outfit for summer and warm fall days. For those days when you really just want to throw something on and run out the door, but you don't want to look like you just threw something on and ran out the door... 
shirt: Old Navy; jeans: Plato's Closet; scarf: Gap; earrings: Aeropostale; shoes: Cotton On

Check out what Janssen and Merrick's favorites are!  



  1. Looks great! Does fall ever come to Texas?

  2. I have never met another female Landen and I'm so happy to know that you're out there as I'm a Landon, too!! And, love the post. :)

  3. Cute top! Love it with the green blazer!

  4. I love the way you've styled your simple yellow tee! I love stripes and have way too many striped tops in my wardrobe - now I've got some ideas.

  5. I love that first outfit with that ruffly skirt and the bubble gum necklace. So pretty!

  6. You are always so cute Landen! I am loving all of your wonderful shoes.


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