The Sewing Space

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

For years I have dreamed about having a sewing room.  Somewhere to keep all of my fabric, trim, equipment and more.  A few weeks ago Adam suggested moving our bed over to make room for a sewing table and I sort of took the idea and ran.  We bought a great table from Ikea, and I also invested some birthday money in a new serger (Wahoo!  So excited about this purchase!!!)! It may not be an entire room dedicated to sewing, but it is great to have a space to spread out and sew for hours on end without having to clean off the table for dinner!  I am planning on a few more improvements, like a suction-on cork-board for some patterning, a nice set of drawers for under the table and a few other things (mostly to keep the space from getting incredibly messy...)!  If you have any suggestions, I would be thrilled to hear them!  Hopefully many fun and beautiful projects will come out of this space! Happy sewing!



  1. For now, maybe Janssen's left over party dot garland just to brighten up the corner a bit... :)

  2. How exciting to have this new space! Hope you and Adam are doing well. Miss seeing you guys!

  3. I love it! I had a sewing room in our last house and I miss it!! I'm curious to find out how you like your seger too!

  4. It is very nice that your husband supports your sewing "habit". You need a good lamp. :)


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