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Monday, October 1, 2012

Every once and a while in the morning when I'm getting dressed I'm struck with immediate and complete inspiration as to what I want to wear that day. From head to toe, I have a vision. That's rare. And that most certainly wasn't this morning. Normally I have one article of clothing in mind that I want to wear, and then I try to fashion the rest of the look around it. Today I knew that I wanted to wear my red Chuck's, and built the look from there. Some days there's a particular pair of jeans that I wish to sport, or perhaps a tie. The base piece, around which my daily ensemble is built, varies from one day to the next.
What do you do? Do you build it around a particular piece that you want to wear, or do you have an entirely different way of doing things?

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  1. I almost always build around one piece, but it's not usually my shoes. I guess if I had red chucks it might be a different story :)


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