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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When looking back at some of the blog pictures from this last year, I was reminded of a few of my unofficial sartorial goals of 2012.  By unofficial sartorial goal I mean directions that I wanted to go or things I wanted to try out clothing-wise.  One picture in particular stood out to me; it looks like this:

(t-shirt: target, jacket and jeans: h&m, shoes: dsw)

This unofficial goal was called color.  You see, I love black and white.  At the beginning of this last year you could go to my closet and see 7 white shirts, 3 white shirts with black stripes, 3 black shirts, 3 grey shirts, 3 black jackets, 3 black sweaters, black jeans, white jeans, black shoes, white get the picture.  I did have some color: a red shirt, a couple brown shirts, and probably something else. 
I wasn't getting tired of my black and white, but it felt a little too sober.  Yes, color seemed necessary.  Now, post-2012, I haven't turned into Ronald McDonald, but I've tried to venture out toward brighter horizons.  So far, it's been good; but no guarantees that it will last.  

Over the last few years I've been a comparatively bold dresser--vis-à-vis my peers-- but I get bored easily and sometimes wish for the guts/confidence to try new things.  So, I tried to be a little more adventurous (if you can't tell, adventurous in these pictures means electric blue boating shoes, different length on the trousers, and boots).  Behold:

So, not a bad year.  This year we'll try to both expand and refine things a little more.  So far my goals for 2013 include: investing in a few quality pieces instead of buying several cheapo bits; I'd like to dabble in pocket squares; and finally, I'd like to resolve the conflict between my desire to dress like a Burberry add and my desire to dress like a page from Rolling Stone magazine.  Progress updates to come.  
Until then,

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