The September Issue: a brief review

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Last week, Adam and I decided to watch, The September Issue, a documentary about making the oh-so-important September issue of Vogue, listed under the documentaries on Netflix. You guys, it was SO fun! I do have to admit that I love movies and shows about fashion, like The Devil Wears Prada and Project Runway, so maybe I am completely biased in favor of fashion films, but I loved watching all the behind the scenes stuff and seeing what got cut from the issue and why, and how and why they picked certain things! Mostly I loved getting to know who Grace Coddington is. Grace, one of the fashion directors at Vogue, is amazing. She reminds me of why I majored in costume design. She is passionate about fashion, getting the right look, and just being creative. She was very inspiring to watch. Plus, she the kind of person that you wish you worked with. Very inspiring, a little quirky, and slightly sassy. I was reading a thing or two about the movie later, and a number of people said that she really stole the show. I definitely agree with that one! I also loved how they walked through what needed to happen in order to make the issue possible. It showed meetings with famous designers, the line up for the issue, various photo shoots and what pictures are selected and why. You also get a glimpse of how stressful and crazy it is to work in the fashion industry, but why people do it. So many opinionated and passionate people. Next time you are looking for something to watch, you ought to look here!
Not practical, but oh-so-fun!
I love the layers and poofs of this dress in contrast with her severe hair and hat! I was sort of obsesssed with this photoshoot...  
This is a great picture! This is the photographer who filmed the documentary Grace insisted that they not photoshop out his gut. :)
This is a beautiful 1920's type photo! I love the dogs in ruffs:)


  1. I'm not particularly into fashion or magazines but I loved that documentary. It was really very well done.

  2. You and Adam are just such fun, interesting people. An inspiration to us all!


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