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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Last weekend (Friday, maybe?) Landen and I went to a fabric store because she wanted to look at some patterns that were on sale.  I joined her in looking through some of the pattern catalogues, but I personally can only take so much perusing through meh womenswear designs.  So, I wandered to their clearance fabric section, where I found some cheapo $4/yd. fabric that I thought would make a swell belt.

The wanting a belt background story (fade to flashback):  We went into a Brooks Brothers outlet store a few weeks ago and something strange happened.  The vibe I usually get from BB's menswear (with the exception of their dress shirts; super high-quality those.) is "Oo, people will think I wear this on the yacht I don't have."  Not exactly my thing.  Until I saw a classy, unstructured blazer paired with a cool, chunky sweater.  Suddenly, I was singing (maybe humming) a different tune; a tune that went something like this:
(image from tumblr.com)

I was overcome by a semi-snobby desire to dress like I spent my afternoons on a yacht.  I wanted that blazer. I wanted anything like that blazer. I didn't want to spend money on that blazer. Something cheaper. Something like....that belt!  I saw a red and blue belt made out of fabric with two D-rings as a closure. I loved it! Now, $25 isn't loads for a belt, but I knew I could do better.

(Fade back into the fabric store scene.)
I found the fabric, bought 1/8 of a yard for $0.50, grabbed a 4-pack of D-rings for under $2 (after 40% off coupon), and shot home.  After an hour at Landen's sewing table, I had my belt (a belt of poor build-quality, perhaps, but my belt, all the same). Behold:

I kind of like how casual/almost-improv it looks. 

(not crazy about this shot/outfit, but it shows, to an extent, how it can contribute to a look)

I know: it's not exactly ready for the Spring collection, but for only $1.50, I can start saving for that boat.
That's all.


  1. This post just made me happy! The photo, the vision of you at the sewing machine. All fabulous! And a great belt too!

  2. This was so funny I made Bart read it before he left for work this morning.


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