Pattern mixing

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Don't you just love all the pattern mixing that is going on right now! I figured I would jump on that band wagon. Here are 3 examples of pattern mixing from my closet! Not revolutionary perhaps, but I tried out a few different looks just for you! I am kind of obsessed with the outfit on the left (also featured here). I was absurdly happy that I have 3 different prints in the same outfit. Sometimes, it's the little things... I also had to make a conscious effort not to wear a skirt in all three of these photos. It's like I can't pattern mix without a print skirt. Or I just can't not wear a skirt in a blog post.
I also don't know if you could get much whiter than my face in these photos... Yikes!
Happy Thursday!
Left: skirt: j crew; blouse: H&M; tank: Banana Republic; shoes: gift from Mom; necklace: gift
Middle: skirt: Forever 21; blouse: H&M; necklace(old): H&M (old); shoes: gift from Mom
Right: jeans: Kohl's(old); sweater:H&M(really old); blazer:H&M (old); shoes: gift from Mom

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