Sisters Share It All: The One-Hour Refashion

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This round of Sister Share It All was my idea, and as we got closer to my actually having to do it, I got really nervous.  We each picked one thing in our closet that was in need of a refashion, and had one hour to complete it.  I must admit, mine was about 65 minutes rather than exactly 60, but I was very close...
I loved the fabric of this hand-me-down skirt, but it sort of reminded me of a 13-year old private schoolgirl outfit, that and I hated the fit.  Now it is a stylish pencil skirt

After outfit: blouse: Anthropologie; sweater: Anthropologie; skirt: hand-me-down; shoes: Dillard's (similar); belt:  Target; earrings: gift: satchel: Target

This was a very straightforward refashion.  I sewed up the back seam to improve the waist fit, then pulled in the sides a little down near the bottom to give it more of a pencil shape, and then I sewed up the pleat in the front.  After I had finished all these alterations, I had to sew up the hem in each of the spots where I had taken in the skirt.  Overall, super easy and fast.  

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