Does this skirt make my legs look short...?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Um... Yes.
 shirt: banana republic; sweater: j.crew; belt: banana republic(similar); skirt: vintage Givenchy (thrifted); shoes: Zara (similar); earrings: very old hand-me-down from Janssen or Merrick
A little weekend outfit.  Weekends are the only time that I get to dress up.  This outfit was a great grocery shopping outfit, but I forgot that I was also taking our used car oil to the recycling center, and felt really stupid pouring car oil into the massive, greasy container in a baby blue pleated skirt (not to mention, I was terrified that I was going to dump car oil all over this vintage Givenchy skirt!!!).    Thankfully it escaped unscathed! 


  1. I love this skirt on you! It has always been one of my favorites!!!

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