Sister Share it All: My Favorite Shoes

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

       Of all of the things to shop for, I think my very favorite purchases are shoes.  Because of this, I own a monstrous amount of them.  In fact, when Merrick suggested that we pick a favorite pair to share, I asked Adam what he thought my favorite pair was, because I could think of at least 6 or 7 pairs that could be considered favorites.  I thought he might bring a new perspective.  I finally settled on these Urban Outfitter oxfords, because they seemed like an honest choice. They are quite comfortable, they are a little hipster trendy, yet the oxford style is classic, and they are quite well-made.  Lately I have been wanting to wear flat shoes more and more even with skirts (two years ago, this look would have made me shudder.  Today, this choice makes my feet rejoice), and it has been a change for the better.  Please pardon the lame balcony pictures... we just bought a tripod and remote and I was trying it out... I still have not gotten the courage to go out and take them where my 400 neighbors can see me looking vain while I take photos of myself... 
I will get there eventually.

left: shirt: american eagle, altered by me (tutorial here);  skirt: made by me; shoes: urban outfitters (similar)
middle: shirt: anthropologie(similar); sweater: loft; necklace: claire's; jeans: kohl's; shoes: urban outfitters (similar)
right: sweater: anthropologie; dress: made by me; pearls: amazon; shoes: urban outfitters (similar)

Check out Janssen and Merrick's favorite shoes:



  1. Hi, found you through your sister Merrick's blog. I just love your dressy look. Genius way to wear that fabulous sweater over a simple dress.

  2. Love those shoes! I just got a hand-me-down pair of oxfords and am loooving them. Although mine are just plain tan, so not quite as fun as yours :)


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