Monday, June 17, 2013

Summertime is finally here!  I love summertime, but it is hot here!  Sometimes I want to do layered outfits in the summertime, but when it is 105 degrees outside with 90% humidity, that sounds like a death wish, and I go back to skirts, t-shirts and rolled up jeans. Life's too short to sweat to death, even if you look awesome doing it.  
shirt: Old Navy; jeans: Kohl's; sandals: Target; necklace: Claire's

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  1. I hope that you two had an amazing time on vacation! I was pretty jealous of Kristen. We dream of taking Abigail to see Minnie Mouse some day. Thanks for the delicious baguette recipe. We loved it and I am so excited to try the brioche. I could use an evening in Europe about now!


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