Raiding My Sister's Closet: Trying Out a Trend (Hats)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

As part of our new "Raiding My Sister's Closet" series we thought it would be fun to try out some current trends, so get excited to see us wearing some fabulous trends in the near future.  For this round, we picked hats.  There are some great hats out there.  The straw fedoras, the floppy hats, the baseball caps and the cloches.  I had really been wanting to buy a floppy hat, but was a little nervous it would overwhelm my small head (seriously, it isn't a complex, I really do have a tiny head).  Adam and I did some hunting, and I finally found a picture perfect hat with a small enough crown and a floppy brim.  I love this hat! I really like the weave of it.  It sets it apart by making it a tiny bit bohemian, but the hat still maintains a classic look. 

On the street in the LA fabric district (amazing place, by the way!)

My floppy hat is from G.H. Bass &Co, but they don't sell hats online, so I found a few other floppy straw hats that I love, here, here and here.  Happy Hat-Wearing!

Check out Janssen and Merrick as they try out the hat trend!



  1. I love the hat!
    I've got a really small head as well - I generally have trouble finding hats that fit me because they're all too big on me. And then when your good friend has a large head, and you finally figure out why pictures together look so awkward... haha.
    anyway, I loved the outfit, it's so fun and summery.

  2. "seriously, it isn't a complex, I really do have a tiny head" made me laugh and laugh. My friend once described her own head as being "child-sized" and I said, yes, my head is child-sized too, by which I mean it is the size of a child. A full-grown child, sitting on my neck.

  3. I really love your hat and have been wishing I dared wearing cute hats...

    You look so pretty in that close up of your face! Beautiful girl!


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