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Monday, July 15, 2013

In this post, I mentioned my difficulty with embracing new trends.  After thinking about it I decided that it probably goes back to my costuming background.  In costuming, you get to experience the best and the worst of fashions as you research and design. There are some terribly hideous outfits from the past. Sometimes I worry I will look back at my own pictures and think "What was I thinking!  How could I have possibly thought that was a good idea or in any way attractive."  So, I try to evolve my closet slowly and embrace lasting trends... I do LOVE the occasionally trendy thing and often wear it to death, but for now, give me slow fashion and let me make it my style.  However, I am totally loving this dress that I got for my birthday last summer.  Maxi dresses have taken a while for me to embrace, but they are a perfect summertime outfit. This dress is perfect for a regular day, because it is cool and comfortable, but I wore it on our one year anniversary date last year, and felt completely beautiful and appropriate going out to a nice restaurant.  

dress: Dillards(similar); shoes: Ross; Earrings: Claires (I think); T-shirt: shade

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