Sisters Share It All: Trying Out A Trend (Leather Edition)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Last week was one of the busiest weeks I have had in a while and I did NOT mean to make a dress for this post.  I knew this leather post was coming up for a few weeks now, but I have a leather jacket that I figured 'worst-case scenario, and I can't find anything else', I could use.  I did an afternoon of fruitless shopping, and decided to stick with my jacket. Well, I took the jacket out of storage a few days ago to do a minor alteration to it, and found that it was disintegrating all over my couch...  Thus began the saga of the shift dress!  I did a very rough outline tracing a top and dress that I have for the neckline/skirt shape, and then added faux leather pockets taken from the back of the leather jacket. For all the rush of putting it together, I am kind of in love with this dress.  It is relatively casual, but booties and tights give it an air of sophistication!  I am loving all the leather this year, but I tend to be pretty picky because I don't like my fake leather to look fake, but am almost always too cheap to buy real leather... 

dress: made by me; jacket: h&m; shoes: DSW; tights: DSW (similar) both the shoes and the tights were a delightful gift from my mother!

Check out how Janssen and Merrick are styling their leather this season!


  1. This turned out so great! And I love these pictures -- did mom take them for you??

  2. Also, so sad that your jacket disintegrated!! :(

  3. Yes, her mom took those lovely photos :) On Yale campus, no less!


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