Raiding My Sister's Closet: Holiday Dress it Up/Dress it Down

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

 Another round of Raiding my Sister's Closet with 3 outfits for how to style up and how to style down a holiday clothing item. I just got this lovely shirt from my mom and thought it looked so festive that I couldn't resist using it to give you a few ideas for Christmas, New Years and other holiday- related parties. Ironically I realized after my photos were taken, that my mom saw the shirt on Merrick's blog for our last Raiding My Sister's Closet and sent it to me (sorry, Merrick!), so if you are looking for more ideas for how to wear a sequined shirt, look no further!  

For a closer look: 

 For a bold but feminine cocktail look, layer a shift dress with a sequined top, a contrast statement necklace and a pair of pumps.  I went for a monochrome color scheme for extra oomph and black and gold shout 'HOLIDAY' to me. 
 shirt: Target// dress: vintage (similar)// shoes: Mootsies Tootsies// necklace: Francesca's// bag: target

For a casual get-together look, a pop of color with a little sparkle says holiday without being too obvious or crazy.  I absolutely love these cranberry pants and suggest you all go out and buy some immediately.  They look good with about half of my closet and I have to convince myself not to wear them every other day.  
jacket: Anthropologie// jeans: JC Penney// shoes: DSW// necklace: Francesca's// earrings: Aeropostale

This outfit falls somewhere in between the first two for me.  It feels quite festive with the red and the sequins, and could easily be worn to a party, but doesn't feel so dressy as the first outfit.  Either way, I have been feeling a little rocker of late, and this is definitely fulfilling that urge.
jacket: h&m (similar)// scarf: h&m(similar)// jeans: old navy (via Plato's closet)// shoes: DSW

Check out how Janssen and Merrick will be styling an item for the holidays:



  1. Twin sequin shirts! Isn't it such a great, versatile top? You styled it so well!

  2. I've always thought the sequin top was too flashy but you styled it in a way that makes me want to buy one now! :)

  3. That third outfit is my ABSOLUTE favorite! (Mom bought me that shirt too :)).

  4. Your mom bought all 3 of you the same shirt?! I have two sisters too and my mom totally does that...but she hasn't done it lately. Haha! I love these sister posts!

  5. Thinking of your mom buying you all the same shirt reminds me of some old family photos of my sisters and me that could totally be "awkward" ones! At least this top is super cute! Oh I can see the JCPenney photo studio now...


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