Modcloth's Polyvore Outfit Challenge

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I took two photography classes in high school and learned 3 things: The darkroom was an incredibly peaceful and dark oasis in the midst of loads of high school drama, shooting photos using my dad's really old SLR was nifty and hard, and learning photoshop was very valuable and still is.  I did a lot of photo manipulation in those classes and learned to love it!  I had forgotten how much I like it until I started making photo collages here a year or so ago. Even if they are not that exciting looking, you can bet I had a great time putting them together, so when Modcloth contacted me about participating in their weekly Polyvore Outfit Challenge, I jumped at the chance!  I love putting outfits together, and Modcloth had lots of fun items to choose from! They picked the dress, and I got to outfit it!

My contribution is an outfit harkening back to 1950's romantic clothing.  A feminine dress and sweater combo with gorgeous accessories! The accessories just spoke to me and I had to include them, because they looked like they had stepped out of a Hitchcock film.  I am pretty sure Grace Kelly owned all of these.  
dress: Modcloth// sweater: Modcloth// shoes: Modcloth// 
earrings: Modcloth// clutch: Modcloth


  1. Gorgeous! I love a nod to Grace Kelly (or any Hitchcock heroine!)What a fun project!

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