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Friday, January 17, 2014

Usually, when I choose an outfit or think of an item that I want to wear, I form a few different outfits in my mind and then after trying them on, or looking at them together, I decide which one that I will like the most.  With the Modcloth challenge yesterday, I picked a number of different items to go with the dress and then finally combined them to make two different outfits that I really liked: the dressy outfit from yesterday and then the much more casual version that you see here.  You see, I have these two opposing style camps that beg for the majority of space in my mind and wardrobe.  The first camp is quite a bit like the first outfit.  Classic, elegant, slightly movie-star like, and a little glamorous at times.  Think pencil skirts, heels and pearls.  The other part of me loves bohemian clothing, big jewelry, slightly fuzzy hair, flowy shirts and colors that don't exactly match.  Maybe wrestling between the two gives me my 'style' but at the same time, sometimes I really feel like I need to choose a camp.  For this challenge, I did one of each style, and am now wondering which one I like better... Still completely undecided, for the record.  

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