Raiding My Sister's Closet: Scarves edition

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Infinity style: I love making an infinity scarf with long rectangular scarves.  It gives them more fullness and versatility.  Either you can tie the ends behind your neck and double loop the scarf, hiding the knot under your hair or you can drape the center in a loose swag across your chest then cross the ends behind your neck and pull them over your shoulders, tucking them beneath the swag.  

 dress: primark(similar)// shirt: jc penney// scarf: h&m(similar)// shoes: gift from mom// earrings: Kendra Scott
The Pull-Through: this is a hassle-free and cute way to tie a scarf.  I also love how the ends are stair-stepped.  It give it a textured look. 

shirt: clothing swap// scarf: h&m(similar)// pants: old navy via plato's closet (similar) // belt: dsw(similar)// 
earrings: h&m// shoes: zara

Check out Merrick and Janssen's ways to wear a scarf: 



  1. love the yellow scarf, especially with the pattern mixed dress! also, i've always wanted to ask--how tall are you?? do you just look tall cause you're lean or are you pushing 5'11" or something??

  2. Haha, Angie's comment made me laugh...I can see what she's saying about how you look tall!

    Also, I cannot believe how loooooong your hair is! How has it grown like twice as fast as mine? Cause ours is like the same length, but yours was chin length like 2 years ago...

  3. Landon,
    I just found your blog off of Merrick's. I really love the list of links for food recipes. In fact, I am going to try the sweet potato and bell pepper soup tonight for my family. I will definitely be coming back to read more. You have some great ideas for clothes and food. Thanks for putting it out there for those of us who greatly need inspiration!

  4. Angie: sadly, I am not 5' 11", I am about 5'4", maybe a little taller on a good day. I think the skinny picture cropping makes me look taller than I actually am! I am flattered that you think that though!
    Merrick: I trim my own hair, and quite often, but haven't gotten a formal haircut in 2 1/2 years. I attribute my serious hair growth to that and my increase in leafy greens from our CSA box.
    Leah: I am so glad you have stopped by! I really hope you enjoy the bell pepper soup, and try a few others! Hopefully you enjoy them as much as I do!

  5. My husband and 2 year old son loved the soup! I felt very handy in the kitchen while I was making it. :)


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