The Unexpected

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Some stores use beautiful fabric, bright colors, attractive models or well-made clothing to entice people in.  In my mind, Anthropologie uses the unique factor to get people in the door.  Whenever I go into an Anthropologie, I am pretty sure I will find something interesting and fabulous waiting inside. Sometimes it is unusual clothing that catches my eye, other times the displays are incredible, and sometimes the home goods are very fun or inspirational.  It is no secret that is it one of my favorite stores, and if it were not quite so expensive, I might be tempted to purchase my entire wardrobe there.  Even if I can't afford an entire wardrobe there, I have a  number of unique and fun items from there that make the rest of my somewhat boring wardrobe that much more interesting.  I had a nice time wandering around their website looking at some things that I thought had interesting details to them!  I hope you like the unexpected as much as I do.  
top:  dress// necklace// sandals
bottom: tank// flats// skirt

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