Week Seventeen

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hey look! It's a baby! 

shirt: target// jeans: kohl's// earrings: aeropostale// shoes: dsw
I am finally starting to really feel pregnant!  We announced publicly that we are expecting baby a few weeks ago, and it has been so fun to start feeling (and looking) pregnant.  I don't look very pregnant here... I was trying to choose a shirt that would help me look as pregnant as I feel, but after I took these photos and sorted through them, I don't think it worked... maybe next week. Anyway, pregnancy has been a little crazy.  I have had loads of cravings from gummy worms to pasta with cream sauce.  They come at the most random moments and typically don't go away until I eat whatever it is that I am craving.  

Lots of nausea pretty much all the time.  I was hoping it would go away once I got to the second trimester, but apparently not.  Not quite as lousy as the first trimester (our trip to Norway was rough.  I felt SO nauseous for almost our entire trip.  On the bright side, I think we saved money on food because it never sounded good!), but I am still not a fully functional eater.  Hopefully that will come as the baby gets bigger.  Also, baby doesn't like creamy dairy products.This was slightly devastating if you know anything about my ice cream addiction.  

So far so good, though!  A few cute pregnancy clothes have been added to the closet, and I am planning on making a few more before the summer is out, so that will be fun!  
We have our gender ultra-sound in 2 weeks and I must say, I am THRILLED!  It will be so nice not to have to refer to baby as 'baby' or 'he or she'.  We also then get the daunting task of picking a name!  Wish me luck!  

 We are lovin' on this baby! 


  1. I don't think ANYONE would ever guess you were pregnant. You are TINY!

  2. you certainly don't look pregnant yet, but I know just how it is to feel so much bigger than normal! Can't wait to know the gender of that babe!

  3. I'm with the girls -- you don't look pregnant at all! But I bet that's just around the corner, and you'll look back at these photos in November and have a good laugh!! Love your hair!

  4. You are an adorable pregnant woman. So excited for you two (three!).

  5. Congratulations! I'm very excited for you and your hubby! You'll be wonderful parents!


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