Frugal Fall: Part 3 - Embrace the Scarves

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Part 3:  Embrace the Scarves
Scarves are an absolute staple for me.  Growing up in Vegas, I only had a few that I wore regularly when I worked at an ice rink, but as I have gotten older, they have become a regular part of my wardrobe.  I love partnering them with a complimentary patterned skirt, shirt or dress.  I think they can add a lot of charm to an outfit, and help finish the look! Also, I really wanted to take a great up-close of this outfit, but I was getting swarmed by mosquitos, so I had to run for cover.  Such is life on a wet Texas day... 

shirt: Target// scarf: Gap (similar)// jeans: j.c. penney// shoes: ross (similar)// earrings: kendra scott

More Inspiration for the Scarf-lover:
  Late Afternoon//Atlantic-Pacific//Kendi Everyday//Art Department


  1. So, I am behind! Congratulations on your pregnancy and a little man. How fun. I think you can get to my email address but will you send me your address so I may send a little something for the little man. Hopefully I'll be timely and get it there before he comes. I am loving all your pregnant styles especially the ones you sew. Those pants look fabulous on you. What a great color. I also really like the mustard dress you sewed! Does it have sleeves? Just curious.

  2. Loving that adorable baby bump. You wear pregnancy well! You wear scarves well, too! Growing up in Phoenix, I never really got a liking for scarves. There was no point. Living in northern AZ, i have several but really only wear them to bundle up on a cold night walk.


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