Twenty-Nine Weeks

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Can you believe it!  Twenty-Nine weeks!  Ahhh!  This is all getting VERY real!  Baby kicks constantly now, and every time we go to the doctor to hear his heartbeat, he kicks as soon as she puts the cold gel on my stomach.  The other day I got a quadruple-take from a woman in the grocery store...  Not sure if it was because I look so young, or so pregnant or maybe both. At any rate, baby seems to be doing well, and now he has a few little toys that he won't be able to play with for months... Adam, on the other hand, has already enjoyed playing with the duplo legos that I bought at a garage sale a few weeks ago, so at least we know they work :) And that daddy and baby will have something fun to play with in the coming months.  

 sweater: Anthropologie// scarf: Old Navy(same scarf, but different color)// Skirt: Old Navy// Shoes: Ross (similar)// shirt: Downeast Basics


  1. Darling outfit, precious baby bump! The best thing in the world is when my husband plays with our girl! I feel you with those double takes! I am 27 and look 16, so once my hands were too swollen to continue wear my wedding ring, I began getting a lot of dirty looks from people around me! I resolved to put my ring on a chain and wear it around my neck... but still got those looks!

    1. Thank you! A baby bump is the best! I haven't hit swollen hands yet, but I still have 10 weeks left, so my ring may not fit before too long! People think I am as young as 12 sometimes, so that could be awkward... I may have to get a fake ring to wear or something if I can't wear it. Not a bad idea to wear it around your neck, though. That is a nice idea to be able to keep wearing it!

  2. You look legitimately pregnant now!


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