My Pregnancy Essentials

Friday, December 26, 2014

My pregnancy has really been pretty great!  First trimester I was pretty naseated a lot of the time, and I couldn't eat grilled chicken EVER (I really enjoyed deep fried chicken, though), and decided that cooking was overrated because food didn't sound super great.  Second trimester I felt pretty good, but thought I had developed a diary allergy, only to find out that it was actually heart burn.  Third trimester has been filled with tums and no late night snacking(sadly...), but overall, has been fine.  I feel sort of huge, but recognize that that is just part of pregnancy... That being said, here are a few things that I have relied on during my pregnancy.  Laugh, if you must.  But seriously folks, these were important.

1.  Bubba Water Bottle - My in-laws gave me this for Christmas last year, and even though it looks like I am drinking coffee all the time, I almost always have water in it, and try to drink a few of these everyday.  Some days are much more successful than others.
2. Ice Cream (specifically peanut butter and peppermint) - I love ice cream and almost never wanted to eat it during my second trimester, but now I can't get enough of it!  Baby is probably going to be obsessed with ice cream, if pregnancy is any indication of future food likes and dislikes.
3.  Almond Oil - I read in Bringing Up Bebe, by Pamela Druckerman, that she used sweet almond oil and didn't get any stretch marks with her first pregnancy (she had twins the second time around, and stretch marks were not avoided), so I decided to try it out.  I still have a possible week of baby growing, but so far so good!
4. Old Navy Maternity Pants/Leggings - I start getting ready for bed about 6:30PM these days because these Old Navy pants that Janssen sent me are so dang comfy!  I wear leggings to bed just about every night, because my whole body temperature has sky rocketed with a baby and I usually get really hot during the night.  Leggings are cooler than the flannel pj's that I keep in the closet.
5. Tums - An absolute necessity for me, especially before going to bed.  Plus, the yellow ones taste pretty great!

I probably should have added beef jerky to this list, because I have eaten SO much beef jerky this pregnancy... I guess I am protein deficient or something, because the amount of meat that I crave is unbelievable.  I used to be mostly vegetarian, but pregnancy has made meat much more necessary.  I don't think Adam minds too much either.
I am curious what cravings and needs you had during pregnancy?  Anything crazy or weird?


  1. Oh yeah, tums were an absolute must during my pregnancy! And I absolutely hated any and all jeans! I used an all natural stretch mark oil called Earth Mama but sadly ended up with fire red (now a shade of purple) stretch marks on my sides, lol! But you're tiny, I gained weight EVERYWHERE!! Can't believe your Sweet Angel will here in a week (or so)!!

  2. I am also totally floored that we will have a baby so soon! I am glad I am not the only one who is popping tums constantly! Thanks for backing me up on that one!

  3. French fries and salt and vinegar potato chips were a must for both my pregnancies! I also had a body pillow for sleeping!

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