Fox: One Month

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Here we are.  One month old.  Fox,  I cannot believe you are already a month!  Everyone told me it would fly by, and it really has!  A few fun facts for me to remember as you grow up:

1.  You smile quite a lot these days, but it is usually when you are falling asleep.  You often will give me lots of grins when I nurse you in the night.  It makes getting up at 2AM worth it.
2.  You have an extremely strong neck, and really like to be upright so you can look around.
3. You are fascinated by light, and sometimes can be found laying on the floor for 20 minutes or so staring at the shadows on the wall or out the window, absolutely content.
3.  You love taking baths, and are so calm and peaceful when we give them to you.
4.  You love laying on my chest when we sit on the couch, and you stare up at the pictures on the wall.  Sometimes you do this cute head bobbing thing as you try to keep your head up.
5.  You absolutely hate having your arms swaddled, and you always sleep with them above your head.  A few times we have tried to swaddle them only to have you wake up a few minutes later crying because you can't get them out of the blanket.  Now we don't even bother to try and swaddle them in when we wrap you up for bed.
6.  You love music and become really calm when we sing to you.  Unfortunately,  unless you are really sleepy, you like to stay awake and listen to it, so singing you to sleep doesn't really work.
We are so thrilled to have you as part of the family, and look forward to watching you grow into a wonderful boy!

Are you ready for the cutest photos of your life? (Okay, the cutest photos of my life... You don't all have to think he is as cute as I do)

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  1. Super cute little boy! Love the hat!


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