Fox: Three Months Old

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A few fun things about our little Fox these days: 

- He is very smiley these days, especially when he wakes up, and usually right before bed.  I love the huge grin that I get most mornings when I go to get him from his crib.

- He loves it when I sing to him.  Some of his favorites include "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Old MacDonald."  Ironically, during "The Wheels on the Bus," he always smiles when I get to the part about the babies crying on the bus.  We went to a music time yesterday with some friends, and I chose "The Wheels on the Bus" for everyone to sing, knowing he likes that one.  Up to that point, he had been very serious, and quiet, just taking in all the noise and color, but as soon as we started singing, he broke into a big smile!  

- He loves sucking on his fists (perhaps you already know that from this instagram post) and it is very loud and so funny!  

- He likes to sit up (with help) and loves sitting on our laps so he can look around.

- The night of his three-month old birthday, he woke us up at 3:30AM making all kinds of grunts and we heard a regular thudding noise.  Adam went to go check on him to see what he was doing, and to make sure he was okay.  After a moment,  Adam stuck his head around the door and asked me if I had put him in his crib upside down (with his feet at the top of the crib).  I said, "No, definitely not." Apparently Fox somehow managed to flip himself around, and he had been thumping the foot of his crib with his arm... Crazy kid!  He has never been this mobile while I have been watching him.  

During this set of photos, it was really dark in our apartment, and he looked so sad when I propped him up against the pillows, so I opted to go with a few other photos from that day, that don't look like his regular monthly photos.  Hopefully next month his monthly birthday will fall on a beautiful, sunny day!   

hat: old navy// shirt: gap via garage sale// pants: gift
(He has worn a hat in all his other photos, so I had to include one in this set.)  


  1. How is he 3 months already?! He's getting so big and cute! Kinsley some how managed to flip herself to the other side of the crib last night too! A complete 180, completely swaddled super tight... the girls' got skills.


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