Fox Monthly: 4 Months

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

People told me from the beginning of pregnancy that each stage of a baby's life is SO fun.  I believed them, but didn't have a real concept of what that meant.  Good heavens, Fox is SO fun!  And he can't  really do anything yet!

A few fun things about him at this 4 month stage:

1.  With a little assistance from me moving his arms into the correct position, he has now successfully rolled over 3 times!  (front to back)

2.  He loves sitting up (either in the Bumbo, or on our laps).

3.  He thinks lots of things are funny and is super smiley, and he laughs occasionally (until about a week ago, we had only heard his laugh a handful of times).

4.  He loves standing up on our laps.

5. He is obsessed with blankets, particularly swaddle blankets and takes the ends and stuffs them into his mouth.

6.  He drools like a crazy man, so he might be on his way to getting a tooth or two in the next little while.

(The hat looks a little out of place, but I figured we have come this far with a hat photo...)


  1. Such a cutie! Our two-year-old is still obsessed with blankies and I think it's the cutest ever. Blankie babies are awesome.

  2. I want to kiss those little lips!!

  3. Janssen told me you guys were in Europe-- so I'm catching up on your blog! What a handsome little man. I love his fedora.


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