Raiding My Sister's Closet: Wardrobe Building Blocks

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I have become very consistent (predictable?) about the kinds of clothing that I wear.  My outfit choices regularized when I was pregnant, because I only had about 15 different items of clothing to cycle through, and I honestly thought it worked pretty well! Boring, maybe, but I was surprised at how good I felt everyday, and decided that is what I wanted to be my norm.  

Also, with the tiny amount of things that I am taking to France, I have been figuring out exactly what I love wearing, and what my go-to items are, aka my "Wardrobe Building Blocks."  Currently they are as follows (I might hate them all after 7 weeks of wearing them in France...): 

1.  Fitted T-shirts (typically v-neck, sometimes with a stripe)
2.  Flowy/Drapey shirts 
2.  Black and blue skinny jeans
3.  Flats. Typically tennis shoes (like the ones pictured), or something slightly dressier (these are my newest favorite).
4.  Jersey pencil skirts.  I wore these a ton when I was pregnant, but now I have a slightly harder time wearing them on weekdays because I spend a lot of time kneeling on the floor changing diapers, and playing with my baby... I do still love wearing them to church and I have 3 or 4 that I love.  

shirt: clothing swap// pants: guess// shoes: GHbass// earrings: clothing swap// bag: fossil

Check out Merrick and Janssen's Wardrobe Building Blocks:


  1. Those are great wardrobe building blocks! Even if you do start to get tired of them you can simply add to them with a new piece or two since you have such a great foundation. Enjoy France!

    Allison @

    1. Thanks, Allison! I totally agree with you! We will be there during the big sales, and I can definitely add a few pieces if I get bored! But, I feel like this wardrobe will be very versatile.

  2. The longer your a mom the more you'll realize all your dark wash jeans are starting to fade white at the knees from diaper changing too! I always wind up photo shopping faded knees out of all my pictures! I love your shoes in this look! They're so cute!

    1. Paige, I totally know what you mean... This is already happening to some of my jeans... That is great that you photoshop your faded knees out! So funny!


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