Fox Monthly: 5 months

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I really liked this photo shoot, so please indulge me, while I overshare pictures of my baby.  Fox is now 5 months old, and is an absolute delight to Adam and me!  He keeps us constantly entertained with his sweet and funny faces, and cute noises.  

1.  He can now roll over from front to back, even on our bed (the floor in our apartment is a fake wood, and doesn't have a rug, so I don't like to put him on the floor), and is getting close to rolling over back to front.  He still hasn't mastered that one yet, but I think he is pretty close. 

2.  He is totally obsessed with eating food.  We just started giving him little bits of food a week or two ago, and he loves it so much.  He has started reaching towards our mouths, our plates, and anything else he can reach, and begging for food that we are eating.  It is really cute, and so gratifying to feed such an excited eater.  He also loves drinking from our glasses or water bottles.  He is undeterred when he spills it all over himself.  

3.  He is smiling and laughing a lot.  He used to only smile at home, and when we would go out, especially when there were large groups of people around, he would be very serious and stoic until we got home.  He has started to lighten up, and will occasionally smile in public, now.  At home, he is a total ham, smiling like crazy, and laughing a lot, particularly right before bed when he is very tired.  

4.  He just recently discovered his feet, and it is the cutest thing to watch him grab them.  Currently he is sleeping in a small travel bed (it is like a fold-up fabric box), and I love seeing him play with his feet when he is laying in it.  Depending on the angle, sometimes the only thing you can see are his feet, and it is adorable.  

5.  He is finally starting to recognizing his name, and will usually look at us when we call him.  

This dude is such a great addition to our family!  

Onesie:  Target// Shorts: Baby's R Us// Loafers: Made by me// Hat: Old Navy


  1. Oh my goodness! His little smiles are the cutest!


  2. Gah! I can't believe you made those darling shoes! Amazing!


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