Week 2 in Lyon

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week 2 here in Lyon was fabulous (you can find Part 1 here)! As I get more familiar with the city, I have found myself absolutely falling in love with it!  There are gorgeous spreading vistas, and beautiful bridges, amazing old buildings, and narrow cobblestone streets.  It is pretty amazing.  

We live about 5 blocks from one of the rivers, and Sunday afternoon, we headed down to the river for a little walk.  There were tons of people out walking, riding bikes, and picnicking on the side of the river.  We thoroughly enjoyed the cool breeze coming off the river and the amazing clouds.  

A few other places that we visited this week:
The Basilica on the Hill (Adam took a few of these photos of the basilica)

The view from the Basilica

Welcome to Vieux Lyon (Old Lyon): 

We found this amazing little map and print store.  There was this bin of inexpensive, but very cool, old maps, and we found two old maps of cities in France where Adam previously lived, so naturally we had to buy them.  I can't wait to hang them on the wall at home!

Fox and me in the map store.
The Traboules.  These are passages that run through a series of buildings in Lyon.  They say the silk makers in Lyon used to use them when it would rain to keep the silk from getting wet.  There are quite a few of them in Vieux Lyon.

If you answer his three questions correctly, the kitty will let you through the magic door...

 We spent another morning at Parc Tete D'Or and discovered a bear!  And he stood up for us! 
 Bicycles are everywhere in France.  So are scooters and rollerblades.  I thought rollerblades were a thing from my middle school years, but loads of people use them here.  
 We have been eating more than our fair share of pastries while we have been here.  If you check over on my Instagram, you can find a pastry of the day.  
 One of the many pastry shops we have frequented in the last 2 weeks.  They are so inspiring and make me want to start a pastry shop.  

I am starting to edit the photos from our trip to the Alps last weekend, so keep your eyes out for those later this week!  Happy Tuesday!  


  1. Love the picture of that cat. The Basilica looks amazing! Such fun pictures!

  2. These pictures are all so gorgeous! I can't wait until we make it over to France someday!


  3. Beautiful pictures!



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