Fox: Eight Months

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Every time I take Fox's monthly photos, I think, can he get any cuter?  And then he does!!  He is just so full of personality (and drool)! A few fun facts about Fox this month: 

1.  His two top teeth have finally come through, and some of his smiles showcase them!  It is adorable! They are sort of fang-like, but on a baby, it is super cute (isn't everything?).  

2.  He loves getting out of the house, and I can tell if we have been home too long!  We usually have to take at least two outings a day, even if one is just to the mailbox.  

3.  He is still eating like a crazy man, and is obsessed with anything that we are eating.  He gets so excited about eating, and will make all kinds of happy noises when he is enjoying his food!    

4.  He wants to crawl SO SO badly!  Poor kid just ends up on his tummy most of the time.  He is usually pretty good natured about it, but you can tell he can't wait to crawl. 

My heart just explodes looking at these photos!  Fox, you are the best!  We love you!!! 

 Do we have to take more photos, Mom?  

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