Fox Nine Months

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fox is at such a fun age right now!  His personality is really starting to show through, and he is a sweet and fun kid!  I hear it just gets better from here, and I am absolutely okay with that!  He is just such an amusing, happy, smiley little kid.  Being his mom is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. It helps that he is incredibly appreciative of things that I do for him.  A few things about Fox at 9 months:

1. Fox loves food.  So much.  I have mentioned this in previous posts about him, but I am so glad I have a child who loves food.  He isn't very picky, and will eat almost anything we give him.  He is particularly thrilled with whatever is on our plates.  I think he knows that if we are eating it, he is sure to like it.  Most of the time, there is lots of tray banging, lip smacking and mmmmmm-ing during dinner.  It is adorable, and very satisfying as the household cook!

2.  Fox still can't crawl.  We have high hopes for his ability to crawl soon, but currently, he is a champion at pivoting and rolling.  He lays on his tummy and pushes up on his arms while quickly spinning in circles. He still hasn't figured out how to use his knees to help him move.  He is, however, starting to rock forward onto his knees from sitting up, and we think he will probably start crawling in the next few days.  I am going to a blog conference this weekend, and I really hope he waits until I get back!  I don't want to miss this exciting step!

3.  He is the proud possessor of 5 cute teeth (you can see the newest ones in the last photo).

4.  He loves watching videos of himself, and will giggle and shriek when we show them to him! I am sure this is common for kids, but we think it is hilarious!

5.  He loves being held, and generally being close to us.  This weekend, we watched General Conference and Fox was loving all the time that we just sat on the couch and held him. That and he got to watch a screen for 4 hours.  That never happens, so that might have been why he was so happy...

6.  I think he is transitioning to one nap a day, and he has been fighting his second nap so hard lately. Yesterday he was acting so tired that I tried to put him down for a nap twice in the afternoon, but he just rolled around in his crib.  Then at about 4:45PM, he was rubbing his eyes so much I did put him in his crib, and he was out in about 3 seconds, and slept for 30 minutes or so.  Thankfully he woke up again, and was able to eat dinner and go to bed at a normal 7:00PM, but starting over with a nap schedule is tricky!  I had things all figured out, and now I get to adjust to a new schedule!  I have a feeling this is the first of many schedule adjustments over the next 25 or so years.

Overall, this is a fun, fun stage!  He is so animated, adventurous, and generally fun to be around.  We are obsessed with our little Fox!  Hooray for being three-quarters of a year old!


  1. he is so adorable. So much personality!

  2. So cute and it looks like he has red hair?!? Sometimes little ones go through sleep phases I'm sure in the next few weeks he'll be back to his two nap routine :)

  3. I'm a frequent reader but don't often comment but felt compelled to tell you, as the mom of a 13 month old, that I felt my daughter was giving up her second nap at 9 months too but my sister urged me to fight it and she was right! I think she couldn't turn her brain off bc she was figuring out the crawling thing too and as soon as she mastered it she was an easy 2 nap baby once again through just several weeks ago. Obviously every baby is different and you know him best, but I thought I would share my experience!

    1. Kate, I am so glad you commented! It gave me hope, and he is not consistently back to two naps, but has been taking two more frequently! Thanks for sharing your perspective! It is much appreciated!


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