Happy Halloween + Vlog

Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween!  Over the years I have gone through various stages of liking/disliking Halloween.  As a kid, it was such a great holiday.  We carved pumpkins, got free candy, got to dress up, had an awesome Halloween dinner complete with a green jello hand and smoking root beer from a chunk of dry ice, and a few times, my dad went all out and made the coolest decorations for our church's trunk or treat (Think Pirates of the Caribbean ship with mast and sails, castle with port-cullis and working drawbridge, etc).  It was heaven for a little kid.

In college, I studied Costume Design for Theater, and whenever people found out that I sewed and made legit costumes regularly, I usually got asked to make them a Halloween costume. It was usually a joke, but it got a little irritating, because it happened pretty regularly. So after a while, I started resenting Halloween.  Also, I don't like dressing up.  Ironic for a costumer, I know, but I like to dress other people up.  Not myself.  So, I stopped dressing up, and tried my best to ignore Halloween.

Once you have a baby, though, it is hard to not get excited about Halloween.  Costumes are so incredibly adorable on a baby, and somehow, Halloween has become important to me again.

This year, I wasn't a total convert.  I didn't get any decorations up this, and we didn't carve pumpkins (we will once Fox gets a little older), but you better believe I went all out on costumes for our church's Halloween party.  I was extremely resourceful (read: cheap/creative), and modified a tiny grey sweat suit to be a rat costume complete with ears, tail and a teeny-tiny chef's hat.

I felt a little bad dressing him up as a rat on his first Halloween, but it was for a good cause (In case you can't tell, we are Linguine, Collette and Remy from Pixar's Ratatouille)!  Adam and I were able to scrounge up some chef-like costumes and Adam made these sweet-awesome chef's hats for us!  All in all, I was pretty proud of the effort that we put forth for this Halloween! Family costumes are the best!

Also, Fox is obsessed with this spatula, and really enjoyed carrying it around and banging it on things throughout the night.

Check out the Halloween Vlog we put together for you!  I even did some of the editing this time!!!

Happy Halloween!!!


  1. Seriously can't get enough of your Vlogs! So fun! I think Fox's costume is so adorable! You guys did an awesome job!

  2. Loving the Vlogs! Loved his little ears and chef's hat! So cute!


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