Fox Ten Months

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I like to list off all the things I am grateful for.   I have so much to be thankful for, because we are so blessed, but I think my number one is my family.  Adam and Fox are my world, and I love them so much!  Love comes in all sizes and shapes, but it is the thing that makes the world go round, and I am SO grateful! I hope you get to spend this weekend with the people that you love!  

I can't end this post without telling you a few fun things about Fox at this age! 

1.  He finally started scooting a few weeks ago, and now can be found almost anywhere in the apartment.  He loves opening the bottom drawer in the bathroom vanity, and playing with the fridge magnets.  
2.  Bathtime has become his favorite time of the day.  He now scoots as fast as he can toward the tub if he hears the water running.  
3.  He is still eating anything and everything and has learned how to ask for more with sign language!  It is the cutest thing!  
4.  He has to get outside at least once a day, and gets crabby if we stay inside too long.  As soon as we head out, he calms right down, and is so happy.  
5.  He loves eating curry, but a few days ago, it was a little too spicy for him, and he kept sticking his tongue out like he was trying to cool it down.  A little sad, but really cute!  
6.  He has started scooting around while holding stuff, and will carry balls, legos and blocks around with him while he cruises the apartment.  I love seeing him exploring and learning new skills!  He is more fun everyday! 

Happy Thanksgiving!  

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