Fox Monthly: Eleven Months

Monday, December 21, 2015

Eleven months has been the best month yet!  Each stage has its perks, but this one is my favorite thus far.  He communicates better than ever (mostly gurgling sounds and reaching), and is crawling and trying to pull up on stuff.  He loves it when Daddy comes home and has loved spending time with his Grandmas and Grandpas the last few weeks (He has been lucky enough to see both within a week of each other).  I was worried he wouldn't go to them, but he gives them each a heart melting smile and wants them to hold him and watch him all the time!  He smiles, is a pretty good sleeper, and is an enthusiastic and adventurous eater.

Here are a few fun things about Fox currently:
1.  He is crawling and loves following Adam and me around!
2.  He is obsessed with opening drawers and trying to open cabinets.  Thankfully he is not particularly good at opening cabinets yet, but he is an expert at drawers.
3.  He makes the cutest faces these days.  My favorite might be the one where he scrunches up his nose and snorts.  So cute!
4. He thinks pushing his wagon, the stroller and grocery carts around is amazing and wants to do it anytime he is close to one.  When I take him in my baby carrier to the store, he puts one hand on the cart for most of our trip.
5.  He thinks our salad spinner is very cool toy!  He gets all giddy and laughs a ton when we pull it out!
6.  He is terrified/fascinated by the blender, food processor, and stand mixer and always wants to be held when we run them so he can take a closer look.  He often yells along with them.  It is pretty great! (Can you tell his mom is a food blogger? The kitchen equipment is his favorite!)

We love you so much, baby dude!  Watching you grow up is a delight and an adventure!

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