Fox Monthly: 12 Months! + video!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Well, I officially have a one year old!  That is SO weird! When you have a baby, you unconsciously assume that time freezes and you will always have a baby, but they grow up so fast and change so much over the first year! It makes me just a little sad to see him become such a big boy!

But, he is getting more fun all the time, and is starting to imitate things we do, make funny faces, play with us, and express opinions about stuff.

A few things about Fox that I don't want to forget:
- He still loves taking baths.  If we turn the bathtub water on, you better believe he will come running.  Also, he tries to jump in the empty bathtub fully clothed occasionally.  Thankfully he can't actually climb over the side yet.

- He is getting picky with his food, and often spits stuff out that he isn't interested in eating.  I think it might be more that he wants to make his own food decisions, because I often feed him the same thing later, and he eats it willingly.

- He is not walking yet, but stands up against furniture, and is slowly starting to cruise (think teeny-tiny baby steps) around it.

- He loves being outside and gets really excited when we pull the stroller out for a walk.

- He really enjoys looking through books with real pages (as opposed to board books, although he loves those, too).  He is very careful and very rarely rips them.  He just flips through the pages. He also loves looking through any book that I happen to be reading.

We think you are the best, Little Fox!  Happy Birthday!

Two other quick things before you look through the photos:
1.  I would be so grateful if you would take a minute to vote for me on the Mrs. Meyers Maker webpage.  Just click the heart next to my name.  No sign up required.  You can vote daily until Feb 15th.
2.  There is a video embedded at the bottom in celebration of Fox's birthday!  Check it out! And subscribe to my youtube channel for weekly videos!  Last week, I counted my Mrs. Meyer's video submission as my weekly video, because it took so many hours to make, and it went live last week!

Cake recipe is from Martha Stewart.  


  1. Happy Birthday Fox! Congrats on your first year as a mom. That cake looks amazing, is the recipe somewhere on your blog? Or might it be somethings you're willing to share with your readers?

    1. The recipe is not currently on my blog, but I ought to link to it at least, or get it posted! It was a tasty cake! The recipe is originally from Martha Stewart. The link for the recipe is here: I will link to it above as well!

  2. What a little cutie. Happy birthday to Fox!


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