Fox Monthly: 15 Months + Bluebonnet Photos

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Every spring the roadsides and empty fields of Austin explode with vibrant colors as the wildflowers bloom.  Within a few days, my Facebook feed is filled with families, dogs and and small children laughing and smiling in fields of bluebonnets.  It can be a little cliche, but I think it is beautiful.

Last year, Fox couldn't even sit up when the flowers were blooming, and I had first child fears of him getting stung by a bee or fire-ants.  This year, he still can't walk or stand, but he fakes it pretty well by baaarely holding on to me when he stands up. That was good enough for me, so we decided to try out some photos in the bluebells!

Adam was a good sport and we went out on the sunniest day of the year (which is about every other day right now), at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.  I don't think I could have chosen a worse time to take them. Despite the intense sun, we had a nice time, and took some darling photos of Fox.

Fox is currently the cutest, funnest baby around!  He is into everything these days, and seems to enjoy making and leaving a mess. I am trying to help him enjoy picking toys up and putting them away as much as he loves dumping them out.

Fox still isn't walking, and I am trying to appreciate that while I still can.  Everyone says it is so much nicer when they can't walk yet, but the mother within doesn't want him to be a little behind all his friends.  Thankfully he is getting close, and I hope he will be walking in the next few weeks.  I guess we will see.

He still eats pretty well, and is obsessed with frozen blueberries.  I think they help with the teething.  And speaking of teething, he has lots of teeth now, including several molars (as a parent, every new milestone is exciting, even molars!)!

He loves music, and has this little singing panda bear that he loves listening to.  I think he likes having background music, because sometimes he will be looking at a book, it will be sitting next to him, and when the music will stop, he will look up from his book, push another button to make the music play again, and go back to his book.

He is obsessed with playing on the couch or the bed, and loves to flop down on the pillows and present to be relaxing.  He has even figured out how to climb down from the storage bench that sits in front of our couch.

Gosh, we like him!

P.S.  I am planning on making more videos and even have footage from a couple that I still need to edit, but editing them always takes so long, and I have been otherwise occupied with Fox and other random things in my life!  Hopefully I will get back on the bandwagon soon and be able to make some more videos!  Thanks for your continued patience with my slowness!

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  1. Texas is just so pretty! I love these pictures of you guys, and I especially love that dress on you!


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