Minimalist's Overnight Trip Packing List (+ Overnight Packing List for Baby)

Friday, April 29, 2016

I mentioned in Wednesday's post that we went to San Antonio for the weekend.  Although we ended up needing kind of a lot of stuff (baby's high chair, lots of toys for the 2+ hour car ride, snacks for the 2+ hour car ride, and a suitcase), I find that bringing a lot of clothes (and stuff generally) just stresses me out.

I have put together a little outline of what to pack for an overnight trip. I really hate hauling around 2 weeks worth of clothes for 2 days, so I try to simplify.  This will give you a good idea of what is important to me when packing, and how I try to diversify clothing options, in case of inclement weather, or baby catastrophe (throw up, explosive diaper, spilling a drink, etc) .

I am planning on doing another post like this for a 5-day trip in a few weeks when we head to Las Vegas to see my family (my little brother is coming home from a Mormon mission).  I will do what I am packing for me, and what we are packing for Fox. I am also planning on doing another summer guide, for longer than 4 weeks, when we head to Utah at the end of May.   Hopefully this will help a variety of people trying to travel with less!  Please trust me when I tell you that traveling with less is definitely worth it!

Anyway, here is what we took with us clothing-wise:

For Me: 
An Outfit for Friday: Traveling necessitates comfortable clothing, in my opinion.  I always try to choose something that I will feel cute, but comfortable in as well.  I never like to travel in sweatpants, or pajamas, but a darling short-sleeved sweatshirt fits the comfort bill perfectly!
- a short-sleeved sweatshirt
- comfy well-fitting jeans
- dressy booties
- sunglasses
- small earrings

An Evening In: We watched a movie and had chocolate fondu with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law on Friday night, so I wanted to wear something comfortable while we we gorged ourselves on brownies dipped in chocolate (such a good idea, right?).  Also, I find that other people's homes tend to be freezing, so I decided to bring a sweater that I could wear that night and the next day if I needed it.
- a tee shirt
- an extra tee shirt (in case of a spilled drink or baby slime)
- sweat pants
- sweater
- cute socks

An Outfit for Saturday: San Antonio is starting to heat up, and we went to the zoo on Saturday morning, so I brought a nice cool summer dress.  A fun pop of color from the belt (and some not-pictured yellow earrings), and I felt put together and pretty!
- summer dress
- belt
- booties
- sweater (I didn't end up wearing it at all that day, because it was so warm)

*The clothing is all linked to below.  Some of the links are affiliate links.  If you decide to buy anything from Everlane, I would be thrilled if you bought it through this Everlane link

top: j. crew (very similar or this one that I own. If you decide to buy either one of these, I would really love it if you would sign up through this link to Everlane so I get the credit!)
pants: madewell via thredup
sunglasses: borrowed permanently from Adam (similar)
earrings: hand-me-down from a friend (similar)

 t-shirts: target (similar)
pants: old navy (similar)
sweater: old navy via clothing swap (similar)
socks: woven pear (sold out of this pair, but they have other cute ones!)

dress: made by me (similar and similar)
belt: target (similar)
shoes: The Mint Julep Boutique
sweater: old navy via clothing swap

For Fox:
Friday Travel Day (Not pictured): 
- t-shirt
- shorts
- moccasins

Friday Night: I would always bring something warmish, unless your baby sleeps extremely warmly.
- pajamas

Second outfit/Just in-case outfit: I feel that it is a good idea to bring an extra set of clothes that could double as pajamas or a daytime outfit.  He didn't end up needing to wear it, but I was glad we had brought it all the same.
- long-sleeved t-shirt
- sweat pants

Saturday Outfit: We traveled on this day, too, so it was nice to have a something comfortable for him to wear.
- pants
- t-shirt

whale pj's: kohl's
lion shirt: badger and rue
orange pants: carter's outlet
sweat pants: adidas
red shirt: Osh B'gosh via a friend


  1. I used to be one of those over-packers. To save money, when I flew to AZ a few years ago, I had to pack a weeks worth of stuff in a duffle, that could fit under a plane chair. It was super stressful to start out with, but once I was there, it was nice to not have to dig through so many clothes. Since then, I've never gone back to over-packing. It's so easy to throw a few things in a bag and go. It makes the packing process easier and even the whole flying experience with no overhead baggage or baggage claim!

    I bet your whole family is excited to see your brother again! 2 years is a long time! I hope you family has a special time together.

    1. Isn't under packing the best? I feel like that has made traveling so much easier! I can deal with not having all the shoes for a few days! We are THRILLED to get to see our brother again! We have missed seeing him! Also, being in Utah for the summer means we will live a few blocks from him, which will be awesome! I really can't wait!

  2. That dress is so cute! Did you use a pattern to make it?

    1. Thanks, Natalie! I made the pattern from a shirt that I owned. I used the same method that Merrick from Merrick's Art (my older sister :) uses, where you just copy the lines from a similar styled shirt. It is way easier than using a pattern, I think.

  3. You're right about minimalistic package list. I'm using the same idea always. But when I was planning my package for Antarctic cruise it didn't work, because you really need a lot of things. I've used Packing List for Antarctic Travelling for that purpose.


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