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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

This past weekend, we drove down to San Antonio for a last weekend with Adam's brother and his family before we head to Salt Lake City, UT for the summer.  It really was a terrific time!  Fox had the best time playing with his cousins!

He hasn't spent time with any of his cousins since he has been old enough to actually play with them, so this was really exciting and new for him! His little cousins were SO sweet to him, and kept him entertained all evening and the next day!  They thought he was great, and he thought they were great.  It was darling to see!

Because we were gone overnight on Friday, I missed a day cooking, and we had hamburgers with some friends last night, so I am missing two meals this week.  I am not sad about it, and the ones that we did have were quite tasty.  Hopefully this gives you some good ideas of what to do with the vegetables in your fridge!

And I didn't take a single photo of any dinner this week... Here is a lovely photo of an artichoke that I took.  That is the best I've got this week!

To Use Up:  

Weekly Menu: 
Lentil Soup - This was surprisingly delicious.  Lentil soup can be great, but it is just lentil soup most of the time.  This recipe took it a notch above and was very good.
Beet Soup - an old favorite.  Adam always loves it when I make this, and Fox is totally cool with eating it, too.
Carrot Quiche - I promise this one is coming soon. It is TERRIFIC!
Radish and Cabbage Salad - this combo didn't sound great, but the dressing made it. It was really very good. I might replace the radishes with red peppers or something next time.
Parsnip Au Gratin - I didn't have any tinfoil, so the kohlrabi was a little hard, but the crispy topping was delicious!  And Fox ate it, too.  Hooray for baby friendly meals!

I hope your Wednesday is going well!

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