Raiding My Sister's Closet: Trying out a Trend

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

When I was in high school, flares were a big deal.  Basically if you didn't wear flares, you were super frumpy.  These were the days when people thought skinny jeans made your thighs look big (maybe they still do, we are just used to it), and boyfriend jeans were still worn by your boyfriend.

I remember feeling like I had to have a pair of flares that fit just so, with the bottoms hitting right above the floor, and sitting low on my hips.  Then for a while, flares were out.  I bought my first pair of skinnies in London in 2009, and didn't look back.

Then, not too long ago flares came back in, new and improved (although if you ask me, they look about like they did when I was in high school). I have liked flares all along, I just stopped wearing them for a while.  This pair fits like a glove.  If you are Joe's Jeans lover or owner, you know that they are super soft and exceptionally comfortable, which is big in my book these days with a baby to chase around.

I still feel a little weird wearing flares again, because skinnies have been in for so long, but I don't mind! I am just happy to have a pair around to keep me feeling hip and trendy!

P.S.  One of my recipes got featured on the FeedFeed website!  I am super thrilled!  You can check it out here.

shirt: H&M (similar)// jeans: Joe's Jeans(similar)// boots:  Mint Julep Boutique// necklaces: Amazon// belt:target (similar)// jacket: Banana Republic (similar)

Janssen and Merrick always have the coolest outfits!  Check out their flares! 



  1. I had a pair of flared jeans from Joe's Jeans that I wore into the ground last year until I finally got an unintentional hole in the knee. Their jeans are really some of my favorites!

  2. Flares are great - I love them and I'm happy that they becoming trendy again!
    Sorry, that I didn't answer until now on your Parisian women Post again - life is to fast and flying by... (I hope you remember me...)
    Best regards from Germany


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