Fox Monthly: Eighteen Months

Friday, July 22, 2016

I have always been a person who loves clothes, and I knew that one day when we had a baby, I would want to dress him or her stylishly, because what's cuter than a well-dressed baby?  Nothing.  Of course, Fox came along, and I have tried my utmost to make sure he looks darling at all times.  

According to friends who have older children, there weren't a lot of choices for baby boys in the past. But in the last few years, things have really improved and I have found loads of cute options for him, both used and new.  

We have a lot of second-hand clothes from friends, that I have carefully looked through, selecting things that fit with my aesthetic and that were in good shape, while adding the occasional nice, new article of clothing from various retailers.  My favorite of these nice, new items has been our Freshly Picked Moccasins.  

Merrick's boys have worn these for years, and I always thought they were darling.  They are a bit pricier than what I would normally spend on shoes, but the mocs match everything, and they last so well (Fox's last pair fit him about six months, and still look great)! We often go days without him wearing any other pair of shoes, because they are so easy and look so cute with everything in his closet.  

See?! Doesn't he look darling in those mocs?  He just had his eighteen month birthday and to commemorate, I took some photos, and wanted to record a few of the delightful little mannerisms that he has recently begun to develop.  Here are a few fun things about Fox right now: 

1.  He has started talking a little bit, and he says "I did it" pretty often, although it sounds more like "I  dihhh!"  He can also say "What's that," "truck," and "giraffe."  His vocabulary still comes and goes, and he will say a word or phrase a few times over the course of a couple of days, and then not say it again for weeks.  

2.  He is obsessed with all cars and animals.  We regularly visit this museum on BYU campus that has a bunch of animals that have been taxidermied.  They have a ton of big animals and some small ones and he thinks it is the greatest thing.  We also spend a lot of time looking out the front window watching the cars drive by.  He gets particularly excited when big trucks drive by.

3.  Fox is getting really helpful.  He knows how to throw stuff away, if we ask him too, and if he knows we are getting close to putting him to bed, he will go grab a diaper and wipes.  

Earlier this week, I was getting the laundry sorted, and he carried a couple of items out of the room.  A minute later he reappeared to grab another handful.  When I took the laundry basket down the hall to load the washer a minute or two later, I realized he had been putting the clothes in the washer.  It was beyond cute!

4.  He loves being outside more than just about anything.  We can go for a walk, play in the backyard, go to the park or just stand on the sidewalk outside our house and he is thrilled.  It makes me really grateful that we are in Utah this summer and not Texas, because Texas summers are brutally hot, and it starts to get hot very early in the morning.  Most mornings here in Utah are cool and crisp and it doesn't warm up until 10ish.  I love being able to make him happy by going on a daily walk.  

5.  He is still such a happy, sweet boy.  So many smiles, spontaneous hugs, open mouthed kisses (on the cheek) and more.  We just love you, Fox!  Thanks for being such a good boy!

shorts:  Carter's// shirt: Gymboree via ThredUp ($10 off your first purchase if you buy through this link)// shoes: c/o Freshly Picked (Weathered Brown) 

This post was done in Collaboration with Freshly Picked 

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