Capsule Wardrobe In Action

Friday, August 12, 2016

This summer has been amazing and insane.  We spent 4 weeks with my in-laws, then moved to Provo while Adam worked for summer term, now we are going back to stay with my in-laws for a few more weeks until we move back to Texas for an undetermined amount of time (probably close to a year).  

During our summer here, we have been hiking, been to Bear Lake, had probably 2 dozen people over for dinner, had dinner with family eight or so times, have been overnight guests, have had overnights guests, been on walks, visited museums, the zoo, libraries, and restaurants.  It has been a fabulous summer.  Really.  One of the best! But so very busy!

One of the things I have been super grateful for is how carefully I packed for this trip/move.  When we began planning to come out here, we made extensive lists of what we would bring to make sure we were only bringing the minimum, while still maintaining a semi-normal life.

This has simplified my life no end!  In my wardrobe, particularly, I feel like I am on auto-pilot, but in a good way!  I just don't have to worry about choosing an outfit because my summer capsule wardrobe has made it very easy.

I am looking forward to pulling out some fall stuff in a few weeks (or months, because Texas is crazy hot still), and changing things up, but I have been remarkably happy with my capsule.  Have any of you done a capsule this summer?  What did you think?  Did it help tone down your busy lives?

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