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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

This week, we are headed out of Provo, UT to head back to SLC, UT for a few weeks, then we are off to Texas at the end of August.  It is kind of insane how quickly things have gone this summer.

Provo has become a hub for entrepreneurs and small business in the last few years, so a bunch of new businesses have popped up all over the place, and some of those are restaurants, partially to accommodate the influx of people to Provo, and also for the enormous number of college students that live here during the school year.

I have a number of favorite places, both from college days and visits over the last few years.  Here are a few of my favorites:

J Dawgs:  They sell hotdogs.  They are big and delicious.  Adam and I actually went to dinner there the night we got engaged.

Guru's:  Most of their food is decent, but the show stopper of the restaurant are their sweet potato fries.  Holy cow, they are amazing!

Bruges:  Authentic Belgian food.  Also voted best fries in Utah.  I can't deny they are incredibly delicious.  Almost every Tuesday that we have been here, we have gone to $2 Tuesday, where the fries and waffle with creme fraiche are each $2.  Yum! Fox particularly loves those days.

Bombay House: Their Chicken Tikka Masala is really incredible.  We have had that more than our fair share this trip!  I would also recommend their Onion Bhaji, the Bombay Lime drink, and Peshawari Naan bread.  The Kulfi ice cream is worth trying as well.

Thai Ruby:  This was a college favorite.  I live close by, and would eat there on special occasions.  It is where my love of Thai food began.  I really love their yellow curry.

Communal:  I have only eaten here once (everywhere else, I have tried at least twice), but it was memorable and very delicious.  It is a more expensive option, but they have really great food.  We ate brunch the time I went.

Cafe Rio:  I feel a little silly mentioning this one, but truly, it is one of my favorites, and a total Utah staple.  I always get the tostada with pork and the lime vinaigrette. YUM!

The Mighty Baker: I wanted to try everything here, but in the end, I have stuck to the double chocolate peanut butter cookies, because they are always good.  And oh my goodness are they good!  They have other fun things that would probably be great too, like cake, macarons, chocolate chip cookies, and stroopwafel.  They also just won Cake Wars on the Food Network, so that is pretty neat!

Taste: I never actually got any food here other than the tasting that we did (they sell ice cream and stuff at the counter), but the products that we tried (chocolate, olive oil, and vinegars) were kind of life changing.  I actually went and bought a tangerine olive oil with birthday money so we could eat it on all the things.  Especially ice cream, though.

Provo Bakery:  They have lots of tasty looking food, but you should really go for the bran muffins.  They are really delicious.  If you don't live anywhere near Provo, you can make a very similar muffin from my honey-soaked bran muffin recipe.

Places I wished we had been able to go to:

The Black Sheep Cafe:  I think I have been here before, maybe with Merrick when I was in college, but I really don't remember.  I have heard terrific things about the food.  Hopefully next time we visit, I will be able to make that happen.

Station 22:  I heard a lot about this place, but I never got around to going.

Art City Donuts: Gourmet Donut truck.  Yum!

India Palace:  Recommended by a friend, but we kept going back to Bombay house instead :)


  1. Perhaps I ought to get down to Provo one of these days.

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