Finding the perfect swim cover-up

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

*Thanks for all your sweet comments here and on Instagram about our babies!  We are super stoked! I am grateful for your votes of confidence and congratulations! 

I used to think I didn't own that many clothes.  Until we moved.  There is something about moving that makes you feel like you have a mountain of stuff (ours is still a mountain of stuff, because it is currently living in a large, somewhat organized pile in my in-laws basement).

While I do have a lot of clothes, I still feel like there have been some holes in my closet that needed filling, including a swim coverup.  But, when I went looking for one, I didn't want a coverup that I could only wear for the next four weeks and then have to pack up with all the other clothes that don't fit a 'pregnant with twins' body. 

I also hate stuff that can only be worn to the pool, because I don't spend enough time at the pool to justify a dress just for that, so I wanted something that had some sort of sleeve and was long enough to wear to the grocery store (I never think I have a lot of opinions until I start looking, then I can't find a single thing that fulfills all the requirements I have).  

After lots of online browsing, a little in-store looking, and a Kohl's cash incentive, I found this dress in the maternity section at Kohl's.  Is it the most amazing swim cover up you have ever seen?  No.  It isn't even a swim cover up.  But it fits all the requirements (maternity body: check! sleeves: check! knee length: check!  super lightweight: check! can be worn in spring and fall: check!), and I thought it was pretty cute.  It is also dang comfy, which seems really important right now.  Anyway, I am kind of loving it, and wore it for an extra 3 hours after these photos were taken.  That is the sign of a successful swim coverup.  

dress: kohl's// shoes: DSW (similar)

Check out what Merrick and Janssen are wearing over their swimsuits this summer:


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  1. That coverup is soooo cute!!! I love it!!!❤️❤️❤️


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