20 Weeks Twin Pregnancy Update

Friday, August 4, 2017

I am halfway through!  That is insane.

- Still napping regularly.  I don't have to take a nap everyday now, which is nice, but some days it is definitely a necessity.  

- Eating a ton everyday (A book that was recommended to me says you should gain most of your weight in the first 28 weeks when the placenta is developing and forming vital organs and such.  Then plateau until delivery, and you should have heavier, healthier babies, and be able to lose the weight faster... Guess we will see!).  My favorites currently are plain yogurt and bran sticks, crackers and cheese, and cold cereal.  Obviously all the carbs.  

- Babies moving like crazy.  Most days I feel them moving a lot.  I think most people are just starting to feel their babies right about now, but I have been feeling them for weeks.

- Terrible heartburn.  Tums are a current staple in our medicine cabinet.  I had it pretty bad with Fox, so I was not totally surprised.  Last pregnancy, I thought it was a dairy allergy for about 6 weeks, but this time I was prepared, and knew how to handle it.  Makes a huge difference.

- Feeling huge.  I went to a doctor appointment a few days ago where they measured me, and I am measuring at about 24 weeks... I am going to be huge by the end!!!


  1. Tums never cut it for my first two. Definitely ask your doctor about taking 1-2 Zantac 75 a day. Changed my heartburn life!

  2. Its so fun following along with your twin pregnancy. Really enjoying hearing what its like.


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