Saving the Summer Harvest

Monday, September 18, 2017

I have this idealistic dream that one day, I will be able to live off preserved food during the winter time, and hardly have to go to the grocery store (except to get milk and cheese, because we probably won't ever own a dairy cow).

Now, it is likely I will never be able to make that happen, but this year, I am trying to get all kinds of things preserved for when the babies come, and also to keep from wasting all the great stuff that is coming out of our garden (we have tomatoes and zucchini coming out of our ears, folks!).   

I am not a canner, so none of these methods involved boiling or sealing anything.  Actually I am totally terrified of canning (botulism and bacteria, anyone?).  Thankfully Adam's aunt lives down the street and told me she would be happy to teach me how to can, so hopefully I will overcome that particular fear.  

Here are a few things I am doing to preserve fresh produce this year.  If you have ways that you like to preserve fresh produce, please pass them along!  

- Making Applesauce in a slow cooker (if we end up getting any apples off our tree... not likely)

- Homemade Sun-dried Tomatoes 

- Shredded and frozen zucchini

- Making and freezing fresh tomato marinara sauce 

- Blanching and freezing fresh corn.  

Side note:  I have already posted tutorials about two of these items.  Would you be interested in my posting more tutorials like this?  I always feel so deliciously self-sufficient when I do projects like this, so I would love to share the love if you want me to!  Just let me know in the comments or tell me on instagram (@measureandwhisk).  


  1. This sounds exactly like what we have been doing lately! My mother-in-law has a great garden so we have been dehydrating peaches, apples, and tomatoes, slow roasting tomatoes to blend and freeze, grating zucchini, and making applesauce! Our other favorite is making fruit leather- but we always eat it as soon as it's done, so definitely none left for winter!

  2. I learned how to can last summer and it is the most satisfying thing every to have home canned food on your shelves! I can't wait to move into our new house so I can get a few things canned before the season is over (mostly just peaches, pears, and applesauce!)

  3. I have the same phobia of canning! But I do love to get things from my parents garden to freeze--I love the sense of purpose and responsible frugality it gives!Hopefully we will have a house in the next few years and I can have my own garden to rely on.

    Yes, I would love to read more posts about preserving food!


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