My Pregnancy Outfit Matrix

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

One of the things that I really like about pregnancy is that it forces me down to a much simpler wardrobe.  Almost capsule style, but not quite (I am not a huge fan of the capsule wardrobe, and you can read about that right here).

This pregnancy, Janssen was really nice and sent me a box of her maternity clothes to wear, and my mom got me a few new items as well, which I was really excited about, because the few pregnancy items that I already owned were definitely not made for a twin pregnancy, and I was worried I would end up with one outfit to wear the last six weeks.

So now I have a much larger collection of pregnancy appropriate clothes, but I still find myself categorizing these clothes into some tried and true outfit combos that make me feel attractive despite the extra weight I am carrying right now.

Here are my favorite pregnancy outfit combinations:

Form fitting maternity dress + scarf + booties

dress: target// scarf: loft (old)// shoes: dsw

Pencil skirt + tunic/maternity top + booties/boots

skirt: made by my mom// shirt: h&m// shoes: dsw

Maternity pants + cute form fitting maternity top + cute tennis shoes

cords: old navy (similar)// shirt: h&m (similar)// shoes: GH Bass 

A few cozy sweaters to mix and match

black sweater: via clothing swap (similar)// brown: old navy// pink: forever 21

I think that anyone could easily get away with a fall pregnancy wardrobe looking something like this:

- 2 maternity dresses

- 2-3 cozy sweaters (add a coat if you like)

- 1-2 neutral pencil skirts

- 3-5 tunics and maternity tops

- Plus a few scarves, booties and leggings/tights

Also, because I just can't quit talking, a few random notes about some of these items:

- pencil skirts.  Adam was a little mystified after finding out that I feel these are essential for pregnancy, and he asked me about it.   I couldn't give him a very good answer, but after a day or two of thinking, I realized that I love pencil skirts because they are (1) stretchy (2) they are form fitting, so you can feel like an attractive person even with your belly is huge and, (3) they stay up much better than maternity pants because they are form fitting.

- tunics are great because a number of the pieces that I own are not maternity, and I can't wait to wear them with skinny jeans once I am not pregnant.  They are also long enough to last the duration of a pregnancy.

- Booties are the best, because they keep your foot warm, and look like fall, but they aren't so hard to zip up.  Tall boots can get tricky to zip up once you can't bend over very well.  Trust me, I know.

- Maternity pants.  I love wearing jeans, but during pregnancy, they stop fitting after a while, and I am constantly hiking them up, because they are trying to find a smaller place to grab onto than my giant belly. I wear them as long as I can, but usually know when to call it quits.  Sadly  my jeans got phased out a few weeks ago, and the cords won't be around much longer :(


  1. I always struggled with maternity clothes because they always seemed to expensive, and short lived. It's so nice that you have sisters to share clothes with to add in a little much appreciated variety!

  2. I read a great tip that has been a lifesaver for my pregnancy - buy tops in tall! I am only 5'4", so this tip works perfect for me, but may not for taller girls. I have several tees from Gap/Old Navy that are tall and I have worn them from pre-pregnancy up to now (34 weeks) and I can still wear them with a longer tank underneath! I love that I can go back to wearing them post-pregnancy with skinny jeans or leggings and they will also be great for nursing!


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