Raiding My Sister's Closet: Transitioning to Fall

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Last weekend, my mom, my sisters and I spent the weekend doing fun things around SLC, and it was just the best!  Earlier this year, I had seen super cheap plane tickets for Amsterdam, and jokingly sent them on to my sisters, asking them who wanted to come (this was before I found out I was pregnant with twins).  None of us could actually do it, but it did plant a seed for a sisters weekend somewhere, sometime. I thought it might be off the table when I found out I was having twins, but my lovely mom and sisters accommodated me, and came to Utah to see me! They really are the best!  

We ate lots of delicious food, talked a ton, visited our alma mater (we all graduated from the same college), went to a fantastic play, and then they threw me a surprise baby shower.  If you saw Merrick's Insta story about it, I was thoroughly and completely shocked.  

It was basically a dream weekend made even better when Adam told me that he and Fox had the best time playing together.  

This trip happened to coincide with some very cold temperatures, and all the Fall sweaters and coats had to come out (actually, neither of my sisters had brought a warm enough coat, so there was some literal 'raiding my sister's closet,' for coats this past weekend.  I was grateful that my Texan closet could accommodate).

I was thrilled to pull out my favorite fall scarves and boots, and find that layering a sweater under my coat is a great way to adapt to potential weather changes.  It was nice and warm during the nippy day, but when we went to dinner, I could pull off the coat, and still stay cozy.  Then, I took off the sweater later in the evening at the baby shower when I got sort of hot, and was still wearing a perfectly acceptable outfit.  It was great.  Layering FTW!

Also, check out my giant bump!  30 weeks in a twin pregnancy is no joke! 

dress: target// leggings: h&m// scarf: can't remember... Loft?// boots: DSW(similar)// sunglasses: permanently borrowed from Adam (similar)// watch: Mido (gift from Adam)// bag: Kate Spade

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  1. You truly look lovely. I loved Merrick's story and seeing your surprised face!!!

  2. I loved that Mom made you put on leggings and boots because she was so worried about you freezing. She's the best and so are you!


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